5 December 2012

We refer to the acquittal of Corporal Jenain Subi by the Shah Alam High Court in the Aminulrasyid shooting case today. We are shocked and disappointed at this outcome. With this acquittal, no person has been held accountable for the unlawful killing of 14 year old Aminulrasyid Amzah on April 26 2010. The government, Attorney-General and police must bear full responsibility for the failure to secure a single conviction.
From the moment the shooting occurred, the police attempted to cover-up the case and fabricate evidence against the deceased and his family. The police version that Aminulrasyid tried to reverse the car onto police personnel and that there was a parang in the boot of the vehicle was proven false during court proceedings. The then CPO of Selangor Datuk Khalid Bakar himself made these baseless allegations against Aminulrasyid. Until today, neither the Home Ministry nor the Government have apologised to Aminulrasyid’s family for the false allegations against Aminulrasyid. No action was taken against Tan Sri Khalid Bakar, who has since been promoted to the position of Deputy IGP.Further, Aminulrasyid’s friend Azamuddin Omar had lodged a report that police had attempted to murder him during the incident. No action has been taken against any police officer on Azammudin’s report.
The government and the police leadership made every attempt to prevent the truth from emerging in this case. They had no hesitation in defaming a poor dead boy and tarnishing his family’s reputation. For the family who sufffered this tragic and enormously painful loss, there can now be no closure.
This terrible case once again illustrates the need for the formation of the IPCMC. When the police are allowed to investigate themselves, it is certainly less likely that convictions will be secured. We call upon the AG to institute an appeal against the decision of the High Court to acquit Corporal Jenain Subi. We also demand that action be taken on Azamuddin’s police report. The Government, Home Ministry and IGP must tender a public apology to the family of Aminulrasyid on the false allegations made against Aminulrasyid and his family after his death.
Issued by,