Today is our day,
Not belonging to UMNO nor BNEnough with them quashing our hopes; along with it, the future of Malaysia.Imagine Malaysia in the year 2020,
following Pakatan Harapan’s win in the 14th General ElectionsI imagine then,
We are governed by leaders who uphold the Federal Consitution, ensuring that Education is not politicised, and consistent policies are implemented despite changing Ministers.

There is no flip-flop once policy is implemented. Only ministers failing to meet their KPI are dropped.

We have Primary Boarding Schools established in targeted lower income areas,
to ensure social mobility prevails,
not just for the children of wealthy ministers.

I imagine then,
Our international achievements including the PISA ranking far surpassed that of Vietnam, Singapore and all our peers in South East Asia.

Universiti Malaya and other IPTAs continue to rise in the QS ranking when their budget allocation that was cut in Budget 2016 are rechanelled from the mammoth Prime Minister’s Office budget.

Harimau Malaya clinched the title as South East Asia’s champion as FAM is reformed.
Only the best players are chosen and trained with utmost dedication.

I also imagine then,
1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is put into administration.

Those responsible and involved in white-collar crimes are brought to justice, investigated and immediately prosecuted despite their ranking or position.

Finally, YAPEIM, Tabung Haji, Mara are safely managed and their coffers soundly spent.

I also imagine then,
Corrupt leaders of our country including office bearers who receive foreign donations without audit are immediately investigated, prosecuted and jailed.

I also imagine then,
The GST taxation rate has been reduced as promised by Pakatan Harapan to zero percent.

KPDNKK to monitor prices of goods and big monopolies seriously without prejudice.

I imagine then,
Draconian laws have been repealed and priority given to the safety of the housing areas with the true concept of neighborhood policing .

There shall be no more political prisoners imprisoned but only those who endanger public safety and security of our borders; not those who are endangering the safety of UMNO Barisan Nasional.

The concept that we use is to love the Royal Malaysian Police and not to fear the Inspector-General of Police.

Target for the poor Malay Bumiputera will be focused on social stability.

Target for our economy will not be GDP per capita alone but economic inequality indicators for better – targeted GINI coefficient of 0.35 by 2020.

The poor will not continue to be trapped under poverty when the relative poverty measurement is set at 60 percent from household median income.

The median household income at that time, my friends, is now RM4,585 but at that time will surely be more than RM5,000.

At that time,
Malaysia is often mentioned by world leaders due to its fair leadership, safety and an economy that cares for its people and advanced scientific discoveries and not the discovery of a personal account of the Prime Minister and the imprisonment of the Opposition Leader.

Imagine my friends,
The leadership reality under Pakatan Harapan.

Today is our day,
Make sure that 2018 is ours.
KEADILAN, AMANAH and DAP (and all in support of change).

Sincerely from me,
Nurul Izzah Anwar