KEADILAN Leadership Seeking Only The Best For All Malaysians.

There is much to read on the ongoing deliberations in KEADILAN this week.

I certainly applaud the vibrant democracy and healthy debate allowed in KEADILAN. It is an apt reminder of the reason as to why I joined a party focused on reforms to uphold just principles.

I also appreciate the reminder to stick to our principles, but remain fully confident that KEADILAN leadership has and always will be principled to commemorate our effort in seeking only the best for all Malaysians.

There are many unknowns as we approach elections, as election director i can say we have reviewed multiple models and scenarios in JPRP and know that we must be reasoned and dispassionate in our evaluation of one set of data alone to make conclusive decisions. But again, no decision should ever be made that violates the principles of KEADILAN or HARAPAN.

We are also democratising our election software, SPERA, developed in collaboration with IDE, to empower Malaysians to protect their votes, and remain engaged with INVOKE to incorporate their efforts as well in preparing the onslaught of GE14.

Clearly, in these challenging times, I strongly encourage full participation of all leaders in the political bureau; to fully utilize the process and existing platform to raise and resolve issues.

Conversely, all leaders must also respect the consensus of party members for a party congress to be held if desired, predicated on the conditions being fulfilled. However, with impending elections, we should be mindful to focus on our priority – winning elections to defend the plight of all Malaysians and bring about a more clean and prosperous future. Indeed, it bears reminding that Pakatan Harapan’s Majlis Presiden had finalised the guiding principles governing the cohesion of PH toward the 14th GE.

In this special time of Zulhijjah, I call on all opposed to injustice and corruption to fight against any disunity by taking the higher road, by forgiving others and claiming our words and actions to do what is best for the rakyat and the mission of KEADILAN and HARAPAN in bring fruition to justice and hope to Malaysians.

Finally, on the recent topic of “begging” for support. Speaking for myself, I beg for this: whoever hates the stealing of wealth from the poor, whoever hates the taking of the rights of the voiceless… I beg you to stand together with us for justice and defeat the kleptocracy of Barisan Nasional in GE14

Certainly, we call on the heads of all parties to fulfill their roles of leadership as champions of reform and justice for all Malaysians, and if their leaders are swayed by the ruling elite, I call on the right thinking members of all parties to stand for what is best and good and honest and clean — with justice (adl) and wisdom (hikmah) and excellence (ihsan). I think every citizen of Malaysia knows in their heart this is not the reality of BN leadership ruling our country.

Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai
Naib Presiden KEADILAN